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Penny Bid Auction Sites

    Some incredible deals can come from penny auction sites, but many users have difficulty landing a winning bid. On these penny auction sites, placing a bid costs anywhere from a few cents to a dollar, and each time it increases the price by a few cents and the duration of the auction by a few seconds.

    If you are the last bidder when the time runs out, you will win the item for a ridiculously low price. If someone places a bid before the time runs out, you will have to place another bid to snipe the auction back.

General Auctions

    EBay is easily the biggest auction site online. Businesses and individuals sell millions of items each day through eBay. Buying on eBay is completely free, however there is a small fee to pay if you are selling something. EBay has all sorts of buyer and seller protection programs in place, so buying and selling items on eBay is much more safe than some people think.

    Items can either be paid with via credit card, or paid with through PayPal. You don't necessarily have to have a PayPal account to buy on eBay, but it is a good idea to have one if you are going to decide to sell items on eBay.

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Online Marketplaces

    Online marketplaces are large sites featuring lots of different products, but all usually at fixed prices from various sellers who have "stores" within that larger online marketplace. One of the largest examples of an online marketplace is Amazon.com. Amazon is considered to be the monster of online retail, but only because they feature products from more sellers than just themselves.

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    Rather than completing the entire interaction through the internet, classified ads are an alternative to buying and selling strictly over the internet. Check out the supplement buy/sell/trade forum. Classifieds are a much more informal alternative to auction sites and online marketplaces.

Computer/Electronic Auction Sites

    One of the most popular item to buy and sell online are computers and electronics. This is because of the relatively high price to volume/weight of the items, typically resulting in the shipping price being low, relative to the product. Imagine the shipping price on a set of new tires! While there are some computer and electronic specific auction sites, the leader is still clearly eBay.

Jewelry Auction Sites

    Another popular item to buy and sell online is jewelry and watches. Again, the high value to volume/weight factor has led jewelry and watches to be a very popular item to buy and sell online. Another reason that this is popular is because jewelry and watches tend to hold their value over time, inspiring a lot of individuals to list their own items for sale online.

Auto/Car/Truck Auctions

    The way we buy and sell cars has changed as the internet has really accelerated the process. We can now easily post as much detail as we want along with hundreds of pictures. While most cars are still bought and sold through online classified ads, many are listed and sold through auctions. The most successful car auctions are for classic or rare cars, where buyers aren't likely to find one in their own locale.

Business Auctions

    Just like computers, cars and real estate, businesses are bought and sold all the time. These auctions include entire operating businesses, turn-key businesses, business plans, commercial equipment, business opportunities, and even websites and online businesses.

Real Estate Auctions

    Most of the time, real estate is auctioned off by banks or other lending institutions which have foreclosed on properties who's owner's defaulted on their loans. Sometimes properties are auctioned off entirely online, however most of the time properties are auctioned off in physical meeting places. The reason is simple; real estate is impossible to ship!

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